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Trained or Untrained?

Becoming a great baseball or softball player is about more than being a great athlete, its about recreating successful movement.  When you are able to put the ball exactly where you want, with consistency, you become a great player.  K-Zone was designed as the training companion for the athlete who wants to become a great player.

Blackbelt Throwing Program

BlackSound Partners with Pitching Central and Ron Wolforth

Ron Wolforth's motto is "If you want to improve something, measure it."  This was an easy fit for us because that's exactly what we do.  This program is based on the martial arts system of continued challenge and known objectives and has been put into a video game format.  The software for this is complete and you can see a demonstration in the vieo blw.  This is a great addition for every baseball and softball program players and a must have for training facilities.  See more on the Blackbelt Throwing Program by clicking on the tab on the left.

BlackBelt Program Video

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